Halogen Härdningslampa Polymerisationslampa 420 to 510 nm, Model 4

Halogen Härdningslampa Polymerisationslampa 420 to 510 nm, Model 4

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  • Model 4 LED is a Halogen Curing Light which produces high intensity visible blue light in the 420 to 510 nm waveband. The Model 4 light will cure all dental restoratives activated by light around the 470 nanometer wavelength. The radiation from the tungsten halogen bulb (75 watt) is selectively reflected and filtered within the light to reduce the ultraviolet, infrared radiation and unneeded visible light. Therefore, only the blue light band is available to be absorbed.
  • The rotating nose cone and continuous cure capability offer flexibility to the dental practitioner. The high intensity curing light also has the benefit of a quiet and efficient fan which keeps the handpiece comfortably cool, even during extended light curing.
  • The two light guides available are the 8mm and 13mm outer diameters. The inner diameters are 7mm and 12mm.


  • 24 Month warranty ( excluding battery )
  • Polymerisation area of 8.0 mm in diameter
  • Freely adjustable LED Tip, rotating by 360°
  • Interchangeable tip providing a renewable light source
  • 15° angulation of light probe for optimum access
  • Standard 10-second curing cycle
  • Noiseless and air emission free


  • Intra-oral light curing of direct restorative materials, adhesives, and sealants which cure at a wavelength of 420 - 510 nm.


  • Light intensity:≥ 60000Lx
  • Timing error:time error < 3.0% except warning time
  • Power supply: AC 220±5V, 50HZ or AC 110V,60HZ
  • Parameter of halogen lamp: AC 12V 50W
  • Output wavelength of light: between 420~510nm
  • Product characteristic: it adopts international popular separate handle type; handle connection wire with special TPE line
  • Working noise: less than 45db (A)
  • Gross weight: 3.2 (kg)
  • Size: 325*271*185 (mm);​


  • Host set and handpiece 1 set each
  • Fiber 1 pc
  • Ophthalmic Filter 1 pc
  • Fuse 2 pcs
  • Halogen lamp 1 pc
  • Warranty Card 1 pc
  • Manual 1pc
  • Certificate 1 pc

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