Permanent Adhesive, Glue - Caps, Crowns, Bridges, Posts, Pins


Permanent Adhesive, Glue - Caps, Crowns, Bridges, Posts, Pins

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Fusion - Self Lute

Self curing PERMANENT resin based composite adhesive -MAXIMUM STRENGTH


High Strength - No powder - No Liquid - NO MESS 

Mix 2 ADHESIVE pastes A & B - APPLY - Job Done ! 

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  • Application without light cure is possible.
  • Adheres strongly to metals, porcelain, ceramic, pre-cured composite, enamel or dentin.
  • It can also be used for endodontic post cementation, amalgam bonding and maryland bridge cementation.
  • It has a quick self-cure set time of 5-6 minutes from the start of mix.
  • Permanent adhesive cementation of inlays/onlays veneers crowns ceramic.
  • Composite-based metal-free adhesive bridges.
  • CAD/CAM ceramic restorations .
  • Composite restorations glass fiber reinforced posts.



  • This ADHESIVE flows easily for crown loading but does not run out upon inversion of the crown.
  • This ADHESIVE flows during crown seating when subjected to shear forces but stops when the crown is seated.
  • It then forms a collar of excess cement that enables a well-sealed margin and easy access to the material for cleanup.
  • The excess cement forms an intermediate gel phase in approximately 2-3 minutes that allows the cement to be easily cleaned up with an instrument.
  • The cement is brushable for easier application as an amalgam adhesive.
  • Low linear expansion.
  • Superior marginal integrity.
  • High physical strengths


  • The resin is composed of BisGMA and TEGDMA polymer.
  • Zirconia/silica filler is used to impart wear resistance and physical strength.



  • Total 8gm Luting Adhesive Dental Cement
  • Kit contains:
  • Base paste = 1 x 4g
  • Catalyst paste = 1 x 4g
  • Mixing pad = 1 pc
  • Mixing spatula = 1 pc
  • Usage instructions = 1 pc


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Carvene Gutta Percha Solvent, 1 x 10mL Carvene Gutta Percha Solvent, 1 x 10mL
Solvent for removing old cement
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