Light Cured Nano Fluoride Releasing Dentin Desensitizer, 5mL

Light Cured Nano Fluoride Releasing Dentin Desensitizer, 5mL

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NANO based light curing desensitizing agent

 CharmSensy has the effect of sealing of the dentin tube and desensitize the smart of tooth due to cervical and tooth wear. By continuously release fluoride, prevent second caries and biocompatibility, low wear, superior dentin adhesive, high mechanical properties.


  • CharmSensy must be handled by dentists and dental specialists according to the instructions before using it
  • Recommend the Rubber dam for reduction of reaction for use with patients who have a history of severe allergic reaction to this material
  • Do not use to patients who have rash on their skin, dermatitis or histories of hypersensitivity
  • Stop applying this material to the patients who have symptoms of rash of hypersensitivity during using
  • This material is used only to the oral tissue. Avoid contact with eyes
  • If accidental contact occurs with eyes or skin, wash immediately with much water and seek medical advice
  • Non-specialists must not use this material. Do not use this material for other purposes
  • Protective device for the respiratory tract is highly recommended before a surgical operation
  • Do not use after expiration date (within 2 years)

 Application Range:

  • Hyperesthesia tooth
  • Using before and after operation of the prosthesis and orthodontics
  • After scaling of teeth
  • Cervical, Crown, Inlay Margins
  • The boundaries of the exposed parts of teeth

 Application Method:

1. Before the Application:

  • Check the expiration date and avoid package contamination
  • Follow the instructions for use before using it
  • Open the syringe cap and place a disposable tip on the syringe

2. Application:

  • Clean the area which will be applied with moist condition
  • Apply the desensitizing agent
  • Light cure for 20 seconds
  • Check the hyperesthesia tooth

 Storage & Shelf-Life:

  • Waste the disposable micro brush
  • Close the safety cap immediately after use
  • Store this material in a shady, cool and dry place (2~27ºC / 35~80ºF)



  • 5ml × 1bottle
  • 20 x Micro brush

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