Fusion Core DC Flo Mini-Mix, Dual-Cured Bulk-Filling Core Build-Up Composite, Dentin A2


Fusion Core DC Flo Mini-Mix, Dual-Cured Bulk-Filling Core Build-Up Composite, Dentin A2

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Fusion Core DC Flo - Automix

  • Is a Dual-cured (Chemical and/or light cure), radiopaque two-component Fluoride releasing core build-up material supplied in an automix delivery system.
  • Fusion Core DC Flo is available in two shades: Dentin and Contrast.
  • For the matrix technique - Flowable Automix Core Build-up For dental professionals who prefer to use matrices when fabricating core build-ups, Fusion Core DC Flo offers a flowable consistency.
  • Fusion Core DC Flo can also be used for the adhesive cementation of glass-fibre reinforced endodontic posts. The cartridge system comes with special mixing tips ensures quick mixing of the material and enables precise application.
  • It adapts very well to dentin surfaces that have been pre-treated with bonding agent and creates a sound bond to the remaining dental hard tissues.


  • Cuts like dentin
  • Very high compressive strength
  • Bulk fill: No layering necessary
  • Exceptional flow properties and thus ideal adaptation to tooth structure
  • Time saving system
  • Unique value for money
  • Dual curing
  • Curved Intraoral-Tips: hard to reach areas are easily accessible
  • Available in three shades: Natural A2, Contrast Blue, White Opaque    


  • Core build-up of vital and non-vital teeth
  • Adhesive cementation of glass fibre-reinforced endodontic posts


Box contains:

  • Automix Cartridge, 5g base, Catalyst, Total = 10g
  • Special Intra Canal Mixers - 7
  • Available Shades: Dentin~A2, Contrast Blue~CB, White Opaque~WO

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