Capsules Admix Alloy 43% Ag, High Copper Amalgam, Non Gamma II, Spill 2 x 50


Capsules Admix Alloy 43% Ag, High Copper Amalgam, Non Gamma II, Spill 2 x 50

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Magalloy™ Self Activating Capsules

Admix Alloy 43% Ag, High Copper, Non Gamma II Magalloy™ is a high copper amalgam that comprises a mixture of spherical and lathe cut particles of the same composition. Magalloy™ offers excellent stability & enhanced corrosion resistance.

Magalloy™ is a non zinc amalgam alloy. Condensation is optimized by selective particle shape and size distribution and guarantees excellent carvability and superb lustre when polished.


  • Excellent handling characteristics.
  • Uniform consistency.
  • Firm but smooth carving & burnishing surface.
  • Positive dimensional change assisting marginal sealing.
  • High copper content


  • Occlusion-bearing restorations in the posterior area(class I and II), if no other plastic restorative materialsor techniques may be applied.

 Technical data:

  • Compressive strength: After 1 hour = 200 MPa
  • After 24 hours = 470 MPa
  • Dimensional stability = + 0.03 %
  • Creep after 7 days = 0.15 %


  • Carving can be done immediately after the removal of the matrix. You may use any suitable, sharp carving instrument. The cuttings that result must be aspirated immediately. By burnishing the restoration before carving, the amalgam is condensed and homogenized.


  • Every amalgam filling must be polished. This should be done at the earliest 24 hours after placement. Polishing of amalgam fillings should always be done under profuse water cooling. To avoid generation of heat during polishing, the rotating instrument should be run at the lowest possible speed.


  • Self activating capsules: 50 per box
  • 1 spill 400mg: Yellow Cap
  • 2 spill 600mg: Orange Cap
  • 3 spill 800mg: Red Cap

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