Intro Kit G1, G2, G3 and G4, Gingiva Gum Shade Highly Aesthetic Pink Composite


Intro Kit G1, G2, G3 and G4, Gingiva Gum Shade Highly Aesthetic Pink Composite

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 Gingiva Intro Kit

Fusion Gingiva Kit contains popular shades of light-curing radiopaque flowable restorative with 67% fillers and fine hybrid restorative with 79% fillers in a methacrylate matrix and which can be cured with blue light. Fusion Gingiva is used with a dentine/enamel bond. Fusion Gingiva is used to treat cervical defects and exposed, discoloured or hypersensitive necks of teeth, especially in the visible anterior area. The gingival-like shades allow the correct reproduction of the gingiva. Fusion Gingiva composite system comprises 6 flowable gingiva shaded composite restoratives and in 6 thicker consistency restoratives in different VITA Gingiva Shades. Kit contains 4 popular shades. Customized kits can be prepared as per clinicians choice.

The light-curing gingiva restoratives are used to cover discoloured cervical areas and to individually adapt the restoration to the surrounding gingiva. The light-curing Fusion Gingiva system allows a simplified and fast restorative technique.


  • Class V restorations (cervical caries, root erosion, V-shaped defects) especially in cases of retreating gingiva e.g. as a result of periodontic desease
  • Covering of exposed discoloured hypersensitive necks of teeth, especially in the visible anterior area
  • Highly aesthetic correction of malpositions of teeth, for direct veneers, facings and corrections of the red-white aesthetics V-shaped defects
  • Exposed cervical areas
  • Aesthetic corrections also in the gingival area
  • Additional colours for challenging restorations
  • Primary splinting


  • Bis-GMA Urethane Dimethacrylate
  • Inorganic nano fillers
  • Ytterbium Fluoride

 Product Benefits:

  • Highly aesthetic chairside composite restorative which can be adapted to a large variety of gingiva colours
  • 6 Standard VITA Gingiva shades
  • Cervical areas exposed after gingival recession and cervical Vshaped defects can be restored aesthetically and functionally
  • High radiopacity, that is, caries and restorative materials can be easily identified on X-rays (330% Al)
  • Very smooth surface due to very fine fillers, therefore, reduced plaque formation
  • Excellent flow properties, therefore, excellent wetting of the entire cavity; material adapts itself to the cavity walls and fills even the smallest of cavities without trapping air; contouring is unnecessary
  • Unparalleled aesthetics
  • Available in syringes and unit dose
  • Gingiva colours now for chairside use

Product usage instructions are included with the product


  • Fusion Gingiva Restorative 4g each in VITA shades G1 and G4
  • Fusion Gingiva Flo, Flowable Composite in VITA shades G2 and G3
  • Fusion Plus S.E, Self-etching Nano Adhesive, 1 x 5ml
  • Shield Activ, HEMA based Dentin Desensitizer, 1 x 5ml
  • Accessories (as shown in product image)

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