How Silicone Mold Putties Work

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How Silicone Mold Putties Work

The basics are the same regardless of the brand. When you purchase these products, you get two different colors of putty in separate containers. To use them, you mix the two colors together until they're blended, then you shape the combination over the item you want to make a mold of. Once the mold putty is set (setting time varies by brand), you peel it off whatever you molded, and it's ready to use. At this point, you can use the mold just like you would any of the commercially available clay molds.

One advantage of the silicone molds over commercial molds is that you don't need a release agent. The clay pops right out of the silicone. In fact, I've occasionally run into problems with the clay sticking to my fingers more than to the mold -- a little corn starch or talcum powder sprinkled on top of the molded piece helps with that. Another advantage of silicone molds that I've seen touted -- and that may be useful to some of you -- is that many brands are oven-safe at polymer clay temperatures. This means you could bake your clay right in the mold. Of course, if you're like me & like to tweak your molded things before baking, this may not be a big benefit to you.

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