More Hiflex DIY Putty Tips & Tricks

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More Hiflex DIY Putty Tips & Tricks


 How much putty to use:

When you're new to molding, it's hard to know how much putty to use. What I like to do is picture how much clay I'd use to make the item I'm molding, then use 2-3 times that much putty. In other words, if the button I'm molding would take about 1 teaspoon of clay to make, I'll probably use 2-3 teaspoons (combined) of the mold putty mixture. Of course, you may like thicker molds, so as always, play around and figure out what works for you.

 What to do if you mix too much putty:

Once you've mixed the two mold putty parts together, you have to use it (no putting it back in the container). To avoid wasting putty, keep a few extra buttons handy, and mold those with any leftover mixture.

 What to do if you didn't mix enough putty:

If you've worked quickly and still have some time before the putty gets too firm to take an impression, measure out some more putty and add it in. Apply extra pressure as you're rolling it into a ball, and beware of creases. If the putty's already starting to firm up, it's probably best to go ahead and let it set. Then use more mold putty to "patch" the weak or incomplete areas, letting the whole thing set again before using it.

 Mold-baking techniques:

I mentioned previously that Amazing Mold Putty is oven-safe. While I haven't found that to be a huge advantage for normal clay use, it does create some interesting options for liquid clay. Try tinting some liquid clay with alcohol inks and putting a small amount in the mold's impressions. Fill the rest with "normal" clay for a neat effect.

 More mold putty uses:

Hiflex DIY Putty is Food / Medical Grade, so you could also use it for things like candy & jello molds.

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