Abrasive Strips Kit for Interproximal Finishing and Gloss Polishing, 75 pcs

Abrasive Strips Kit for Interproximal Finishing and Gloss Polishing, 75 pcs

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OPT4 Finishing & Polishing Strips Kit - Assorted 75 pcs

The abrasive strips are made of flexible polyester and firmly coated with aluminium oxide particles. It is essential for finishing and gloss polishing all interdental surfaces offering added value in providing a faster and higher surface gloss.

OPT4 Strips are ideal for polishing direct restorations including composites, glass ionomers, amalgams, semipreciousand precious metals.

For finishing and polishing interproximal areas, Opt4 strips round-out the system.

  • Easy to Insert:
    • Abrasive is center gapped on the strip for easy interproximal insertion without abrading contacts
  • Two Grits per Strip:
    •  Each strip performs two functions to save time
  • Color-Coded:
    • Sequenced from blue to white for easily followed step-by-step process
  • Choice of Grits :
    • A choice of 3 grits
  • Resists Tearing:
    • Polyester backing resists tearing while retaining flexibility and being gentle on gingiva


Kit Contents: Polishing strips = 75pcs, color coded

  • Polishing strips - Gross reduction & Contouring = 25pcs
  • Polishing strips - Contouring & Finishing = 25pcs
  • Polishing strips - Finishing &Polishing = 25pcs

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