Ljushärdande Pelaruppbyggnads Kompositmaterial, 4 Sprutor Set


Ljushärdande Pelaruppbyggnads Kompositmaterial, 4 Sprutor Set

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Fusion Photo Core Intro Kit

For the matrix technique - Light Curing Core Build-up Material

Product Technical Information

  • Fusion Photo Core is a radiopaque, light-cured, fiber-reinforced, core build-up composite. Sculptable and non-slumping, Fusion Photo Core provides a 5mm depth of cure at 500 mW/cm2. Optimal handling and excellent viscosity allow for easy contouring.

Available in 3 shades translucent, White opaque and blue

  • Translucent ( TR ) is ideal for use under aesthetic restorations. It achieves a 5mm depth of cure when light-cured for 20 seconds at 500mW/cm2.
  • White Opaque ( WO ) and Contrast Blue ( CB ) is ideal for use in conventional fixed restorations. It facilitates placement when a contrast to tooth structure is required. It achieves a 5mm depth of cure when light-cured for 30 seconds at 500mW/cm2. 
  • Fusion Photo Core is intended for use with universal adhesives, such as Fusion PlusFusion Plus Total EtchFusion Plus Self Etch All-in-One.

Highly Filled - Fiber Reinforced

  • 85 wt%, 67 vol% it has a very high compressive strength.
  • It is especially suitable for the construction of immediate core build-up.
  • The esthetically sound color, the good adhesive properties, the characteristic setting qualities and hardness make it possible to build a dependable sub-struction very quickly and simply. 
  • Fusion Foto Core is suitable for the construction of both vital and non-vital teeth.

Product Features:

  • Economical
  • Easy handling
  • High Radiopacity
  • Predictable curing
  • Available in 3 Shades: Transclucent, Contrast Blue & White Opaque
  • Cuts like dentin
  • Very high compressive strength - Highly Filled Fiber Reinforced
  • Unique value for money


  • Core build-up of vital and non-vital teeth.
  • Restoration where a light-cured composite for core build-up is required


Kit contains:

  • Fusion Photo Core, Shade White Opaque = 2 x 4g
  • Fusion Photo Core, Shade Contrast Blue = 2 x 4g
  • Fusion Total Etch Adhesive = 1 x 5mL
  • Fusion Nano Coat LC Varnish = 1 x 5mL
  • Actino Etch Gel = 1 x 2g
  • Mixing pad = 1
  • Brush handle = 1
  • Brush tips = 10
  • Etch Applicators = 5


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