Fusion iSeal Compomer, Ljushärdande Glasjonomerbaserat Kompositcement, 2 x 3g

Fusion iSeal Compomer, Ljushärdande Glasjonomerbaserat Kompositcement, 2 x 3g

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Fusion i Seal / Cavity Base/Lining Glass Ionomer Composite

Light-cured Glass Ionomer Composite that can be used with or without phosphoric acid etching

This original compomer composition allows controlled expansion which is an important property to compensate the curing contraction of composite materials.

  • Thanks to the glass ionomer content Fusion i-Seal doubles the adhesion to dentine
  • As a lining material it can also be used for porcelain fillings
  • Fusion i-Seal is also suitable for temporary and minor fillings
  • No need for acid etching - Glass ionomer based composite

Fusion i-Seal is a one component light cured lining material. Inserted directly from the syringe Fusion i-Seal offers a very convenient handling. The syringe packing offers an easy application. Lining has never been easier.

Gap free composite restorations are a fact when this liner is used as the expansion is approx. 1%. This compensates the curing contraction in a composite filling.

Fusion i-Seal bonds to the dentine which prevents the formation of marginal gaps protecting from bacterial penetration which might lead to pulp damage or post operative sensitivity.


  • Glass Ionomer filler
  • Polyacrylic acid
  • Methacrylated polycarbonic acid
  • Barium glass filler
  • Bis-Gma


  • Catalyst Characteristics
  • Compensation of composite polymerization shrinkage through controlled expansion
  • Long-term fluoride release
  • Contains bactericidal zinc ions


  • 2 x 3g syringe
  • 20 applicator tips

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