Mini Gracey Curette 13/14, ErgoSoft Silicone Perio Instrument

Mini Gracey Curette 13/14, ErgoSoft Silicone Perio Instrument

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Gracey Finishing curettes - Gracey Area Specific Curettes are designed for the removal of light subgingival calculus and for the finishing of subgingival root surfaces.


  • Design Working surface inclined 20° to the lower shank
  • One curved cutting edge
  • Rounded cutting tip
  • Used with horizontal drawing technique from the buccal side

Instrumentation: Place the tip third or half of the cutting edge of a Gracey curette against the tooth surface. (The larger outer curve is always the cutting edge). Make sure that the lower shank is parallel with the tooth surface. For calculus removal apply moderate and for root planing light lateral pressure and activate the curette by using vertical, diagonal or horizontal pull strokes.

Mini Gracey:

  • Longer lower shank and smaller working end than in the standard model
  • Functions well in deep narrow pockets

Macro Gracey:

  • Standard model’s long working end combined with mini model’s longer lower shank
  • Excellent reach interdentally in deep pockets

Rigid Gracey:

  • Blade shank thicker and more rigid, and working end slightly wider than in the standard model
  • Permits the use of greater pressure

Mini Gracey curettes are modifications of the extended shank Gracey curettes. Their terminal shanks are 3 mm longer and their blades are thinner and half the length of standard and extended shank Gracey curettes. The shorter, thinner blade allows easier insertion and adaptation in deep, narrow pockets, developmental depressions, line angles, furcations and deep, tight pockets on lingual, facial or palatal surfaces. In areas where root morphology or tight tissue prevent full insertion of the standard or extended shank Gracey blade, the mini Gracey curettes can be used with vertical strokes, without tissue trauma and with minimal tissue distention. Mini Gracey curettes have substantially improved the degree to which deep subgingival deposits of calculus and biofilm can be removed. This is due to superior access and adaptation of their blades to anatomical contours exposed by moderate to severe clinical attachment loss.

Mini Gracey 13/14   (PD2059) - For the removal of deep subgingival calculus and finishing of subgingival root surfaces. 

PD Hand Instruments

Ergonomic, silicone-handled hand instruments, which combine a comfortable grip, high tactile sensitivity and minimal force requirement.


  • Suitable for steam sterilization max.134°C (Autoclave)
  • Thick non-slip silicone handles
  • Available in 8 bright colours
  • Hard wearing working tips made with highest quality American super steel alloy
  • Continuous corrosion resistant special American high carbon instrument steel alloy
  • Instrument absolutely tight-covered by a special soft silicone handle
  • Satin finish working tips
  • Anatomical ergonomic instrument shape
  • Extra light and “handy” ensures a more fatigue-free working
  • Colour-coded handles for a quicker and clearer orientation


  • Excellent tactile sensitivity
  • Comfortable grip
  • Less strain
  • Easily identifiable
  • High metal wear resistance
  • Extremely sharp cutting edges


  • 1 piece packed in individual blister

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