SKL Endo Chuck (Torque Wrench)


SKL Endo Chuck (Torque Wrench)

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In most practices, frequently changing tips is part of the routine. The SKL Endo Chuck (Torque Wrench) and the wide variety of tips makes instrument management simple and stress-free. This system and wide variety of style tips makes instrument management simple and efficient. Scaling, endo, perio, and restorative procedures are now easier than ever.

  • Corrosion resistant: steel alloy is resistant to decontamination products as well as irrigation solutions
  • Variety of applications: tips are available for scaling, endodontics, periodontal treatment, and restorative procedures
  • Tensile strength: each tip is designed to meet the specific requirements of the procedure
  • Sterilization: tips are suitable for autoclavable sterilization

Connect the accessories:

  • Use the torque wrench to screw the tip.


  • 1 pcs torque wrench- packed individually


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