Charmflex Heavy Body, A-Silicone for Fixed Prosthesis, Type 1, 4 x 50mL

Charmflex Heavy Body, A-Silicone for Fixed Prosthesis, Type 1, 4 x 50mL

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 CharmFlex® Heavy, 4x50mL   (DK10301, 4x50ml)   

 CharmFlex® Heavy

Hydrophilic Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Materials

 CharmFlex® Heavy is hydrophilic vinyl polysiloxane impression materials type of Heavy-bodies. It is used for the one-step taking of whole teeth or individual tooth in the mouth. It is used with Light-body to take precise impression taking.


  • It must be handled by dentists and dental specialists according to the instructions before using it
  • Recommend the Rubber dam to reduce side effects of using for patients who have a history of severe allergic reaction to this material
  • Do not use to patients who have a skin rash, dermatitis or histories of hypersensitivity
  • Stop applying this material to the patients who have a rash or hypersensitive symptoms during using
  • This material is used only to the oral tissue. Avoid contact with eyes
  • If accidental contact occurs with eyes or skin, wash immediately with much water and seek medical advice
  • Non-specialists must not use this material. Do not use this material for other purposes
  • A protective device for the respiratory tract is highly recommended before a surgical operation
  • Do not use after the expiration date (within 2 years)

 Application Range:

  • Impression taking of Whole teeth / Individual tooth
  • Impression taking of Crown, Bridge, Inlay, Onlay
  • Impression taking of Tray Base

 Application Method:

1. Before the Application

  • Check the expiration date and avoid package contamination
  • Follow the instructions for use before using it

2. Application

  • Tube type: Squeeze equal volume of Base and Catalyst (1:1) and mix quickly with a tool for within 1'30" and load Heavy-body on the tray Cartridge type: Apply Heavy-body on the tray
  • Inject Light-body on tray and directly onto the teeth. ( Intra oral tip is used to inject around the teeth.)
  • Set the tray in the mouth, keep the material until it is perfectly set in mouth
  • After impression material is perfectly set, store it in room for 30 minutes


  • Waste the disposable mixing tips after use it
  • Store this material in a shady, cool and dry place (18~24°C/64~75°F)
  1. Model name: Heavy cartrige
  2. Working time: 1'30''
  3. Setting time in the mouth: 4'30''
  4. Hardness (Shore A) : 61
  1. Model name: Heavy tube
  2. Working time: 2'
  3. Setting time in the mouth: 4'30''
  4. Hardness (Shore A) : 61


  • 4 x 50mL Auto Mixing Cartridges, Base & Catalyst
  • Instruction manual
  • 12 x Mixing Tips, Green

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