Self Cured One-Step Primer-Activated Orthodontic Adhesive Kit, 1 x 5g + 3mL Etch + 3mL Primer

Self Cured One-Step Primer-Activated Orthodontic Adhesive Kit, 1 x 5g + 3mL Etch + 3mL Primer

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Self Curing One-Step Orthodontic Bonding System

Our One Step Orthodontic Adhesive is made from a unique composite resin system that easily bonds plastic, metal, or porcelain brackets to etched enamel. The highly filled paste features a tacky composite viscosity that flows and eliminates bracket flotation.

The Catalyst Resin/Paste system sets on contact, giving the clinician complete control. The primer also helps to seal the etched enamel. The cohesive strength of the adhesive is stronger than the bond to the tooth, allowing for one-piece removal after orthodontic treatment.

  • Provides the optimum properties for bonding ceramic, metal or plastic brackets using light cure technology
  • The smooth, tacky composite resin delivers ideal handling characteristics which eliminate bracket flotation and allow for easy flash clean up
  • Produces a strong chemical bond which also debonds easily
  • Archwires can be placed immediately after fully curing the brackets
  • Fluoride releasing to help protect against potential decalcification

The viscosity of this adhesive is designed to prevent adhesive run-on and bracket skating saving money and reducing adhesive waste. Our adhesive, push type syringe also provide easy application, increased control and convenience.

Best of all, the our adhesive's quick cure provides for immediate archwire tie-in so your patients and staff can experience shorter bonding appointments.

One Step Orthodontic Adhesive (OPT10261)


  • Bio-Compatible & Allergy
  • Tested Moisture Activated
  • Bonds on Composite & Porcelain Surfaces
  • No Bad Taste or Smell for Patient


  • No Discoloration Throughout Treatment
  • Bonds to Plastic, Metal & Ceramic
  • Clinically Proven Efficiency for Bonding of Impacted Canines


Kit contains:

  • 1 x Adhesive paste in Translucent Enamel, 5g
  • 1 x Etch liquid, 3ml
  • 1 x Primer, 3ml
  • 1 x Mixing pad
  • 5 x Spatula
  • Usage instructions

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