Single-Component Silane Coupling Agent for Porcelain, Composite Resins, Ceramic Primer, 4 x 1.2ml

Single-Component Silane Coupling Agent for Porcelain, Composite Resins, Ceramic Primer, 4 x 1.2ml

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OPT4 Single-Component Ceramic Primer / Bond Enhancer

  • Chemically unites with porcelain surfaces to give an improved water-resistant bonding of dental adhesives. Single-component material which is used to promote increased bond strength between organic resins and porcelain. It is used to bond new all-ceramic restorations, and repair damaged ceramo-metallic restorations.  It is also effective for composite-to-composite bonding; composite-to-porcelain bonding and bonding of fiber-reinforced resin restorations.
  • Silane is a dual function monomer consisting of a silanol group that reacts with the porcelain surface, and a methacrylate group that co-polymerizes with the resin matrix of the composite. Silane coupling agents are known to enhance the wettability of glass substrates by composite resins, increase physical, mechanical and chemical bonding of composite to porcelain, and yield a greater resistance to water attack at the bonding interface.
  • To achieve desired results, the etched porcelain surface must be completely dry and free of residual moisture before applying silane.

Controlled Dispensing System:

  • Syringe dispensing with our unique Brush-end Applicator tips eliminates waste and provides controlled dispensing of silane.


  • To improve the bonding of dental adhesives to porcelain and metals
  • Porcelain Repair
  • Bonding Etched Porcelain Restorations
  • Use with prophy cup to remove residual temporary cement and disinfect in one step.
  • For use in bonding indirect restorations (veneers, inlays, etc.)


  • 4 x 1.2ml syringe
  • 10 Brush-end Applicator tips
  • Instruction manual

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