340g Mint Flavour Prophylaxis Paste, Coarse Grit Without Fluoride


340g Mint Flavour Prophylaxis Paste, Coarse Grit Without Fluoride

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OPT4 Prophy Paste, Mint Flavour, Coarse Grit

  • OPT4 Prophy Paste is a universal prophy paste with integrated cleaning variability,which accomplishes efficient initial cleaning and subsequent high polishing in one session.
  • During the initial seconds of use, OPT4 Prophy Paste exerts a high cleaning power that converts into a gentle polishing action.

The OPT4 Prophy Paste product line consists of:

  • OPT4Prophy Paste with Fluoride (1.23% fluoride ion)
  • OPT4 Prophy Paste without Fluoride
  • Both formulations contain Xylitol and are gluten free.
  • OPT4 Prophy Paste is formulated to eliminate spatter and to rinse away easily.
  • It is indicated for application during standard cleaning and polishing dental hygiene procedures.
  • OPT4 Prophy Paste is available in seven flavours (Raspberry, Mint, Bubble Gum, Cherry, Orange Sherbet, Pinacolada) and 2 grits (coarse, medium).

Product Features:

  • The outstanding feature of OPT4 Prophy Paste is the lack of spatter during polishing. The finer texture of OPT4 Prophy Paste described as “chalky,” helps it stay on the teeth. Rinsing the paste completely off of the teeth is easy with OPT4 Prophy Paste leaving no residual grit. Patients like the selection of flavours.

Clinical Tips:

  • Use medium grit for normal cleaning, polishing and plaque removal
  • Use coarse grit for heavy stain and plaque removal and enamel polishing
  • Avoid the coarse grit on composites and porcelain restorations
  • Use the fine grit for children and on composites


  • 340g Jar

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