Total Etch Adhesive Adper OptiBond Type, 5mL

Total Etch Adhesive Adper OptiBond Type, 5mL

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Fusion Total Etch - Nano Component One Step Bonding Adhesive

 Light Cured Universal Nano Component One-Step Dentine / Enamel Bonding Adhesive


  • Direct composite and compomer restorations with phosphoric acid etching
  • Adhesive placement of indirect restorations (composites, ceramics) with light-curing   

Product Benefits:

  • Reduced sensitivities due to the integrated nano-fillers which ensure an homogeneous layer formation and the coverage can be carefully monitored due to the clearly visible shiny layer
  • High bonding values on enamel and dentin for lasting bond between tooth structure and filling material
  • No prematur evaporation or phase separation due to acetone-free chemistry. This allows an optimum wetting of dentine with only one layer
  • High and continuous fluoride release inhibits secondary caries
  • Low film thickness ensures optimum accuracy of fit when cementing indirect restorations
  • Economical dropper bottel


  • Acetone
  • HEMA
  • Nano Fillers

Product usage instructions are included with the product.


  • 5mL Dropper bottle in a box

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