Brush-On HEMA based Dentin Desensitizer, Gluma HurriSeal Type, 5mL

Brush-On HEMA based Dentin Desensitizer, Gluma HurriSeal Type, 5mL

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 Shield Activ - Dentin Desensitizer

One step chair side solution to sensitivity caused by open tubules, bacteria, micro leakage.

  • Acts as wetting agent in bonding restorations, eliminating technique sensitive adhesion procedures (apply after etching and before priming/bonding)
  • Soft tissue friendly - no glutaraldehyde
  • Simple and easy to use - no mixing or light curing
  • Transparent - no extrinsic staining
  • No film thickness
  • Immediate chairside results
  • Application lasts 6 - 9 months for cervical, or lifetime of restoration


  • Cures dentinal hypersensitivity caused due to cervical erosions and exposed roots
  • Fast action composition enabling quick sealing of tubules
  • Cures hypersensitivity caused by Open tubules
  • Cures hypersensitivity caused by Bacteria
  • Cures hypersensitivity caused by Microleakage Technique Sensitivity
  • It inhibits bacteria growth due to quick action
  • Cervical erosion / tooth brush abrasion
  • Exposed root surfaces / recession
  • Before and after tooth whitening procedures
  • After periodontal scaling and root planing treatment (applied after soft tissue healing)
  • Permanent and temporary restorations (apply prior to placement to prevent post-operative sensitivity)
  • Protection in 1 - 3 coats depending on patients’ needs

  Product Benefits:

  • Stops pain caused by hot or cold or sweet/spicy foods
  • Very fast action composition
  • One step chair side solution
  • Ideal for use under all indirect restorations
  • Insulates exposed dentine
  • Reduces penetration of fluids into the tooth
  • Fluoride provides thermal barrier for deep restoration
  • Compatible with all amalgams, cements and composites
  • High fluidity for easy application

 Directions for Use:

  • Brush the sensitive teeth and gum areas with warm water and gargle using mouthwash
  • Do not use toothpaste
  • Open the bottle by breaking the seal
  • Apply 2-3 drops of Shield Activ on a cotton pellet or cotton bud
  • Rub Shield Activ in a circular motion for 35 seconds per sensitive tooth, completely coating each sensitive tooth Its as easy as applying a transparent nail paint.
  • The desensitizer should form a shiny protective layer on tooth surface
  • Air Dry Only.
  • Let sensitive teeth dry for 45 seconds
  • Avoid any dentin contact with lips, inner cheek, or tongue
  • Re-coat 2-3 times for immediate results


  • 2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate ( HEMA )
  • Sodium fluoride
  • Benzalkonium Chloride
  • Potassium nitrate & excipients


  • 5 mL dropper bottle ( Made in Germany )
  • 5 Applicator Microbrush

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