1:1 & 2:1 ratio Automix Dispenser Gun for Dual Cartridge Systems

1:1 & 2:1 ratio Automix Dispenser Gun for Dual Cartridge Systems

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Cartridge Dispenser, Type 1 (New Model)

Are used to mix and dispense the required amount of cartridge type Vinyl polysiloxane impression materials, Automix Crown and Bridge materials, Automix Core build up etc.

This dispenser fits all standard 25ml or 50ml cartridges - 1:1 ratio & 2:1 ratio - GC, Ivoclar, Sultan, Zhermack etc.

 Good for the following products:

  • Detax Detasil bite / mono / quick
  • Detax Greenbite apple
  • Detax Mollosil plus
  • Detax onetime perfect
  • 3M ESPE Express
  • 3M ESPE Express Ultra-Light
  • 3M ESPE Impregum Garant
  • 3M ESPE Imprint Bite
  • 3M ESPE Permadyne Garant
  • 3M ESPE P2 Impression Polyether Light
  • Heraeus Flexitime (Heavy Tray, Mono Phase, Correct Flow)
  • Heraeus Provil novo (Monophase CD 2, Medium CD 2, Light CD 2)
  • Ivoclar Virtual
  • Ivoclar Virtual Bite
  • Kettenbach Futar / Futar D / Futar D Fast
  • Kettenbach Monopren transfer
  • Kettenbach Mucopren soft / Versiegelungssilikon
  • Kettenbach Panasil contact plus / two in one


  • 1 x Dispenser in a box

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