E3 Light Curing Highly Esthetic Nanohybrid Enamel Composite, 4g

E3 Light Curing Highly Esthetic Nanohybrid Enamel Composite, 4g

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Fusion Enamel

Light-Cured Reinforced Nanohybrid Aesthetic Composite.

Available 3 ENAMEL Shades: E1, E2 & E3

Product Technical Information

  • Fusion Enamel - Light-Cured Reinforced Nanohybrid Aesthetic Composite.
  • Fusion Enamel is a light-cured, fluorescing, highly reinforced, nanofil composite.
  • Due to its reinforced composition, Fusion Enamel can be used for all classes of direct restorations as the enamel layer.
  • The nano-sized filler particles contribute to Fusion Enamel's excellent polishability while the reinforcing filler (71% by weight) allows for high filler loading giving Fusion Enamel maximum strength and durability.


  • Enamel layer for Class I, II, III, IV, V, VI restorations.
  • Diastema closures.
  • Direct veneers.
  • Composite and porcelain repairs.
  • Splinting periodontally involved teeth.


  • Bis-GMA
  • Urethane Dimethacrylate
  • Inorganic nano hybrid micro fillers 71%

Product Benefits:

  • Highly reinforced nanofil composite.
  • Easy manipulation and highly sculptable.
  • Low attrition and wear.
  • High flexural strength.
  • High surface gloss.
  • Excellent polishing properties.
  • Good radiopacity.

Product usage instructions are included with the product


  • Syringe 1 x 4g
  • Available in 3 Enamel shades: E1, E2 & E3

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