20% Citric Acid Solution, Endodontic Root Canal Cleanser Conditioner, 110mL

20% Citric Acid Solution, Endodontic Root Canal Cleanser Conditioner, 110mL

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20% Citric Acid Solution

Mild chelating agent used as a root canal irrigant/cleaner and conditioner that facilitates the removal of smear layer and dissolves calcium hydroxide.


  • Low-viscosity 20% solution of citric acid in purified water.


  • Chemical root canal dilatation.
  • Location of canal entrances.
  • Citric acid is a mild, slightly antibacterial, biocompatible chelating agent that forms a relatively stable chelate complex with the calcium ions in the dentine (action similar to EDTA preparations). This demineralizes and softens hard dental substance and removes the smear layer on the canal wall, thus opening the dentine tubuli and even widening them.
  • Residual citric acid must be thoroughly flushed out to prevent continuing demineralization along the length of the tubuli. Opening up the dentine tubuli facilitates adaptation of the root canal sealer, generally improving the sealing of the root canal filling. This effect is further enhanced by activating the solution with ultrasound.
  • Calcium hydroxide residues can also be reliably removed (for instance from a medical inlay).


  • Allergic reactions to citric acid.
  • Wide-open apical foramen.

 Adverse reactions:

  • No adverse reactions are known following product use as intended.
  • Irritation of periapical tissues can be expected if the material exits through the apex.


  • 20% Citric Acid Solution must be dosed under appropriately hygienic conditions. In cases of root canal entrances that are hard to locate, 20% Citric Acid Solution can be dripped into the pulp cavum. The root canal entrances become visible after a few minutes. The solution is injected into the root canal for preparation and dilatation using a endo-capillary tips or suitable rinsing cannula. This should be repeated throughout the entire root canal preparation procedure. Alternate rinsing with sodium hypochlorite to remove necrotic tissue, dentine residues and the smear layer, rinsing with water between applications. Following root canal preparation, remove 20% Citric Acid Solution completely by rinsing with sodium hypochlorite or a chlorohexidine solution. This is followed by drying of the root canal with sterile paper tips.


  • 20% Citric Acid Solution, 110mL
  • 1 Luer Syringe
  • 10 Endo Capillary tips

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