Aluminium Chloride Hemostatic Dressing for Moderate Bleeding, 4 x 2g

Aluminium Chloride Hemostatic Dressing for Moderate Bleeding, 4 x 2g

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Haemostatic Dressing with Mechanical Action 

HEMOSTAL ™ Gel is designed to be used in all cases of moderate bleeding occurring in routine dental practice (scaling etc.). HEMOSTAL ™ Gel is a paste containing aluminum chloride which is used for the temporary hemostasis of the gingival margin during dental procedures such as, but not limited to, dental impressions, seating of temporary and permanent restorations, restorations of cavities and placement of a rubber dam.

The main characteristics of HEMOSTAL ™ Gel are as follows:

  • Thixotropic properties
  • Good adhesion to the gingival mucosa, without compression
  • Presence of aluminium chloride which reinforces its mechanical haemostatic effect
  • Placed directly in the mouth with the single-use angled cannula
  • Easily located due to its colour
  • Easily removed by gentle water spray without resumption of bleeding
  • Painless method when HEMOSTAL ™ Gel is used on a healthy periodontium.
  • Contact time: 2 minutes


  • HEMOSTAL ™ Gel gel contains Aluminium chloride & Excipients.


  • HEMOSTAL ™ Gel is designed to be used in all cases of moderate bleeding occurring in routine dental practice (scaling, etc.).
  • This product can be used without any risk in pregnant or nursing woman.

 HEMOSTAL ™ Gel is contraindicated:

  • Extraction sockets.
  • Root canal surgery.
  • Known allergy to aluminium chloride.

 Precautions for Use:

  • Cannulas are disposable. DISPOSE OF old cannulas after use.
  • HEMOSTAL ™ Gel is not indicated in the case of heavy bleeding.
  • Do not use in a site where the product may not be completely removed, such as periodontal pockets for example.
  • Ensure complete removal of HEMOSTAL ™ Gel.
  • Residual chemicals from haemostatic agents can lower bond strength to dentin: before bonding, rinse the area for at least 10 seconds with water.
  • In case of contact with the eyes, rinse with plenty of water.
  • Do not swallow.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.

Method of use:

  • Preparation: Open the syringe. Screw the single-use angled application cannula onto the tip of the syringe.
  • Application: The paste is applied directly onto the bleeding gum to completely cover the bleeding site, without exerting any pressure on the gum with the cannula. Leave in place for 2 minutes.
  • Removal: Remove HEMOSTAL ™ Gel by gentle water spray and simultaneous aspiration.
  • Verify that HEMOSTAL ™ Gel is completely removed from the gum.

Disinfection of  the external part of the syringe:

  • After removal of the disposable cannula, the external part of the syringe can be cleaned and decontaminated using disinfecting wipes (without aldehyde) respecting the conditions of use given by the manufacturer.


  • Studies carried out on HEMOSTAL ™ Gel have shown the absence of toxicity and its good tolerance.

Storage and shelf life:

  • After use, imperatively remove and discard the used cannula. Tightly close the syringe.
  • Do not store cannulas in contact with syringes. Store new cannulas in their original packaging, away from syringes (risk of corrosion).
  • 2 years from the manufacturing date.
  • Do not use past the expiry date indicated on the outer packaging.
  • Store at temperature < 25°C.


  • Recycle or dispose of according to current legislations, rather by a waste collector or an approved company.
  • Do not dispose of in the environment.


Hemostal Kit

  • 4 x 2g syringes
  • 40 tips

Professional dental product.
Classification according to European Directive 93/42/EEC
Medical device class IIa

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