CompoGloss® Composite Polishing Paste, Shofu CompoSite type 4 x 2g


CompoGloss® Composite Polishing Paste, Shofu CompoSite type 4 x 2g

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CompoGloss™ Composite Polishing Paste 

For high gloss polishing of hybrid or microfilled composite restorations.

It is specially formulated for the final polishing of all composite surfaces. The water soluble paste can be used with equal effectiveness on both anterior and posterior restorations.


1. In the dental practice:

  • The finest results are achieved by using CompoGloss™ Composite Polishing Paste with polishing discs when polishing composite restorations in the patient’s mouth

2. In the dental laboratory:

  •  Polishing of indirect composite surfaces

3.Recommended speed range:

  • 5,000 - 10,000 rpm


  • Virtually no waste
  • Economical
  • Easy dispensing
  • Fast high gloss

Material properties:

  • CompoGloss™ is comprised of smooth polishing cream with submicron aluminium oxide abrasive particles
  • CompoGloss™ is water-soluble and any residue can easily be rinsed off after polishing
  • It contains potassium nitrate topical desensitizer for patient comfort
  • Non splatter - non drying formula
  • Spearmint flavored 


  • 4 x 2g, Syringe CompoGloss Polishing Paste
  • 10 x Tips

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