Heat Cured Cadmium-free Denture Base Resin Acrylic Kit, 225g + 150ml, Veined Pink

Heat Cured Cadmium-free Denture Base Resin Acrylic Kit, 225g + 150ml, Veined Pink

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Hiflex H - Heat Cure Acrylic

 Ultra High-Impact Denture Base Resin Material

  • High flexural strength
  • Excellent adhesion to acrylic teeth
  • Low water absorption
  • High color stability
  • Easily finished & Polished

 Product Technical Information

  • Hiflex H - Ultra high impact heat cured denture base with excellent flow characteristics, good tensile strength & color stability.economic, cadmium-free denture base resin that guarantees high quality results by using any known hot-curing polymerization technique. Hiflex H belongs to the newest generation of short-term hot-curing dental acrylics and also perfectly suitable for the injection technique.

 Technical data:

  • Mixing ratio Powder/Liquid: 10 : 4
  • Swelling phase approx. 10 min.*
  • Processing- and pressing phase approx. 45 min.*
  • Polymerization at 95° C 20 min.*

The provided processing times refer to a material- and room temperature of 23°C [73,5°F]. Higher temperatures extend, lower temperatures shorten these processing times.


  • Total upper and lower dentures by using the pressing-/packing technique


  • Mixture based on methyl methacrylate monomer
  • Colorant & Excipients

 Product Benefits:

  • Cadmium-free, high mechanical properties, 3 shades and 100% color stable, high quality results and an accurate fitting denture guaranteed, easy handling, mucous membrane friendly due to a low amount of residual monomer, compatible to all known individual shades, evaluated and certified biocompatibility. Hiflex H allows quick and easy handling with no fancy equipment needed. It’s popularity is based both on a continuous development and the improvement of it’s recipe. Hiflex H does not adhere to high cross-linked synthetic teeth. Synthetic teeth should be prepared (grinded), supplied with retentions and wetted with Press Bonding.


  • The wax modellation is embedded into the plaster (e. g. Dentex). The flask is boiled out thoroughly to remove the wax before applying alginate based isolation on the surface of the plaster. Isolate always shows reliable results. Important: The isolation needs to be well-dried to make sure there are no white marks or spots on the finished acrylic.


  • Place required amount of liquid into the mixing cup, then add the according amount of powder. When dosing individually add just as much powder as needed to absorb the liquid. Stir thoroughly until the material reaches a homogenous consistency. After a swelling phase of approximately 5 to 10 min. the material can be handled within another 45 min. For an extended processing phase it is possible to mix 10g of powder with 5ml of liquid. By doing that the dough can be handled for 2-3 hours without affecting the high mechanical properties.


  • Place the material with a little excess into the flask. Slowly close the flask and continuously apply pressure. Keep the pressure for at least 10 min. A test pressing is not necessary due to the excellent flow ability of the acrylic.

 Suggested polymerization:

  • This acrylic is especially designed for the short-term hot-curing polymerization. Immediately place the flask in boiling water (approx. 3l of water per flask) and allow curing for about 20 min. For curing larger projects place the flask in boiling water, turn heat source off and wait for 15 min. Bring water to a boil again and allow curing for 10 min. Of course the material can be processed by using any other polymerization technique as well. Allow flask to cool down as usual. After completion: Until incorporation the denture should be stored in water. It is recommended to store the denture in water for at least 24 hours to achieve an even higher resorption of the residual monomer and thus reduce irritations of taste.


  • Denture Base resin, short-term hot-curing acrylic based on methyl methacrylate in the form of powder and liquid. Classification according to ISO 20795-1 Type 1.


Kit Contains:

  • Powder - 225g
  • Liquid - 150ml
  • Color - Veined Pink

Other shades: Pink and Clear Ivory.

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