Light Curing 45% Filled Composite Wetting Resin, 2 x 1.2mL


Light Curing 45% Filled Composite Wetting Resin, 2 x 1.2mL

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Composite Wetting Resin

45% filled, light-cure liquid composite resin for use during the incremental layering of composite materials

Recommended for use when the oxygen inhibition layer has been removed or disturbed (washing of the composite surface following contamination). Makes the delivery of composite materials easier and more consistent by eliminating the tackiness that makes manipulation difficult. It is compatible with all methylmethacrylate materials and can be used in all direct or indirect restorations.

  • Place Composite Wetting Resin on the composite surface if it has become dry when contouring composite.
  • Use it on instruments or brush to enhance glide.
  • Greatly facilitates adaptation of composite restoration and preparation. 

Method of use:

  • Apply a thin layer to cured composite increment as needed.
  • If using Composite Wetting Resin for instrument glide, apply a small quantity to instrument or surface of soft composite.


  • Super adaptive
  • 45% filled light cure, liquid resin
  • Facilitates composite adaptation
  • No detriment to polymerization
  • Moistens dry composite during contouring
  • Eliminates tackiness
  • Adds no thickness or seams to the final restoration
  • Compatible with all methylmathacrylate materials
  • For use in any restoration


  • 2 x 1.2mL syringes

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