Translucent Finishing, Polishing Discs & Strips Kit - 48 Discs + 75 Strips + 1 RA Mandrel

Translucent Finishing, Polishing Discs & Strips Kit - 48 Discs + 75 Strips + 1 RA Mandrel

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Translucent Finishing, Polishing Discs & Strips Kit

An easy-to-use, color-coded system designed to simplify your finishing and polishing procedures.

Opt4 discs combine a flexible backing with a round eyelet and low-profile mandrel to yield increased usable abrasive surfaces.

Opt4 finishing and polishing discs are available in a variety of sizes and grits.


  • Finishing and polishing composites, ceramics and glass ionomer dental restorations

Product Benefits:

  • Easy-to-use finishing and polishing system allows you to create high-luster restorations that offer life like esthetics
  • Discs are color-coded to allow for easy identification of grit sequence
  • Extra thin discs allow for easier access to interproximal surfaces while offering a slightly stiffer disc
  • Flexible polishing discs with aluminium coating
  • Fracture resistant and sterilisable metal mandrels


Kit Contents: This kit contains 48 polishing discs, assorted, 75 polishing strips and 1 RA mandrel.

  • Gross reduction discs, Blue coded = 12pcs
  • Contouring discs, Green coded = 12pcs
  • Finishing discs, Yellow coded = 12pcs
  • Polishing discs, White coded = 12pcs
  • Gross reduction-Contouring strips, Blue-Green coded = 25pcs
  • Contouring-Finishing strips,Green-Yellow coded = 25pcs
  • Finishing-Polishing strips, Yellow-white coded = 25pcs
  • RA Mandrel = 1 pc

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