Deciduous Transparent Crowns Universal Kit, 64 pcs

Deciduous Transparent Crowns Universal Kit, 64 pcs

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OPT4 Deciduous Transparent Crowns Universal Kit (T10390)

Deciduous Transparent Crown forms, for composite restorations for chemical and lightcuring.

Eight individual shapes of deciduous crowns for incisors and cannines and eight individual shapes for premolars and molars are available.

Anatomical design and occlusal surface: reduces the correcting work done with scalpel or scissors.

Long gingival portion makes optimal fitting possible.

Clear material allows control of the setting and color. 


  • 32 Transparent Crowns for Incisors and Canines
  • 32 Transparent Crowns for Premolars and Molars

Cat. ID - 1912

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