Porcelain Etch Gel 3ml, Silane 10ml, Combi Kit

Porcelain Etch Gel 3ml, Silane 10ml, Combi Kit

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Porcelain Etch Gel 3ml

The 9.6% Hydrofluoric Acid is used for etching porcelain veneers, inlays and fractured porcelain surfaces prior to bonding. This superior quality porcelain etch gel will not stain composites or resin cements.

OPT4 Porcelain Bond (Silane) is a single component silane with a two year shelf life.

  • One-minute etch
  • Thixotropic
  • Stays where placed
  • Washes off easily
  • Does not stain ceramic

  OPT4 Porcelain Etch is a specially buffered, viscous 9.6% hydrofluoric acid designed for intraoral or extraoral porcelain etching via syringe/tip delivery.

The Applicator tip and viscosity of etch afford maximum control.

  • Highest bond values to porcelain occur with hydrofluoric acid etching
  • Use OPT4 Porcelain Etch to etch porcelain or old macro-filled composites prior to bonding and repair
  • When in-practice, etching of indirect restorations is required. OPT4 Porelain Etch can be used for veneers, inlays, etc., followed by OPT4 Silane
  • OPT4 Silane is to be used any time resin bonding to porcelain is required
  • Studies have demonstrated that OPT4 Silane, when used with OPT4 Porcelain Etch and Fusion Plus Bond, yield the highest bond strength to porcelain when compared with any other porcelain bonding products

Product usage instructions are included with the produc.


  • 1 x Syringe, 3ml
  • 3 x Applicator tips
  • 1 x Silane, 10ml

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