Standard Gracey 9, SonicEdge iSocket Cone Socket Tip


Standard Gracey 9, SonicEdge iSocket Cone Socket Tip

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 iSocket inter-changeable Instrument Tips ( Cone Sockets )

 Standard Gracey 9 ( PD2074.A ) - Molars / Long contra-angle for molar buccal and lingual surfaces. More pronounced angle than 7-8 for less accessible root surfaces.

Mouth Area


By applying innovative metallurgical technology and cryogenic heat treatment a superior stainless steel alloy was created for scalers and curettes that stays sharper longer than any other instrument. Each SonicEdge instrument tip is quality handcrafted using superior American steel alloy.

Choice of ErgoLight broader handles with knurled grip and ErgoSoft Silicone grip offers less hand fatigue, and greater comfort throughout the day. Our instrument handles also offer easy to identify color-coded rings throughout its range.

The long-lasting wear is present throughout the entire instrument tip. We guarantee it!


  • Ergonomic, ecological and economical option
  • Enables personalised tip combinations
  • Designed and handcrafted in Germany
  • DIN EN ISO 13485:2012 Quality Guaranteed
  • SonicEdge Instrument tips made from high carbon steel alloy imported from USA
  • State of the art heat treatment on each individual instrument tip which makes instrument last longer
  • Long instrument life when compared to other brands on market
  • Stay sharper longer due to high carbon steel alloy tips


  • Excellent tactile sensitivity due to available ergonomic handle options
  • Choice of comfortable knurled non-slip metal grip and soft silicone grip handles
  • Less strain due to light weight of the instrument
  • High metal wear resistance due to highest quality stainless steel imported from United States.
  • Extremely sharp cutting edges due to high carbon stainless steel


  • For intended use by dental professionals
  • Inspect, clean and sterlise before each use
  • Recommended steam sterlisation for 5 minutes at 273°F / 134°C
  • Recommended steam sterilization for 20 minutes at 350°F / 177°C
  • Clean using an ultrasonic cleaner or thermodisinfector
  • Do not use Chlorine or Sodium based sterlization
  • For silicone resin handles do not use dry heat or rapid heat sterlization techniques


  • 1 instrument tip

 General Information:

 Standard Gracey - Gracey Area Specific Curettes are designed for the removal of light subgingival calculus and for the finishing of subgingival root surfaces.


  • Design Working surface inclined 20° to the lower shank
  • One curved cutting edge
  • Rounded cutting tip
  • Used with horizontal drawing technique from the buccal side

 Instrumentation: Place the tip third or half of the cutting edge of a Gracey curette against the tooth surface. (The larger outer curve is always the cutting edge.) Make sure that the lower shank is parallel with the tooth surface. For calculus removal apply moderate and for root planing light lateral pressure and activate the curette by using vertical, diagonal or horizontal pull strokes.

 Gracey Access +3 Mini Five

  • longer lower shank and smaller working end than in the standard model
  • functions well in deep narrow pockets

 Gracey Deep Pocket +3 After Five

  • standard model’s long working end combined with mini model’s longer lower shank
  • excellent reach interdentally in deep pockets

 Rigid Gracey

  • blade shank thicker and more rigid, and working end slightly wider than in the standard model
  • permits the use of greater pressure

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