Ø 1.5-2.2mm Osteotome Bone-Shaver Straight Concave Tapered Tip, ErgoSoft Silicone

Ø 1.5-2.2mm Osteotome Bone-Shaver Straight Concave Tapered Tip, ErgoSoft Silicone

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Osteotome Bone-Shaver Straight Concave Tapered Tip Ø 1.5-2.2mm ( PD9030 ) - Ergonomic Silicone Coated Implant Surgery Instrument   

PD Implant instrument range especially designed for dental implantology were developed for optimal ergonomics concerning the working tips and handle for any specific indication. PD Implant thus enables working efficiently with minimum physical strain under practice conditions. Combining hard wearing working tips made from highest quality surgical steel alloy and brightly coloured soft silicone grip handle sets industry standard in user comfort and ergonomics.

Osteotome Bone-Shaver helps in transportation of bone graft chips from the implant cavity or for condensing them apically.


  • Suitable for steam sterilization max.134°C / 273°F (Autoclave)
  • Thick non-slip silicone handles
  • Available in 8 bright colours
  • Hard wearing working tips made with highest quality surgical steel alloy
  • Instrument absolutely tight-covered by a special soft silicone handle
  • Satin finish working tips
  • Anatomical ergonomic instrument shape
  • Light and “handy” ensures a more fatigue-free working
  • Colour-coded handles for a quicker and clearer orientation


  • Excellent tactile sensitivity and Comfortable grip
  • Provides clinicians with the proper instrumentation for lifting the sinus membrane
  • Easily identifiable due to 8 bright colour handles
  • Reduce hand and wrist fatigue
  • High metal wear resistance
  • Variety of elevators and curettes available


  • 1 piece packed in individual blister

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