MiCEM™, Zelfhechtend Versterkt Glasionomeer Bevestigingscement, 2 x 11g


MiCEM™, Zelfhechtend Versterkt Glasionomeer Bevestigingscement, 2 x 11g

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MiCEM™ Automix ( Micron iCEM Automix)

Self-Adhesive Resin Modified Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

MiCEM™ Automix is a dual-curing, self-adhesive resin reinforced glass ionomer luting cement supplied in an Automix syringe. It is used for the adhesive cementation of indirect all-ceramic, composite, or metal restorations and for posts and screws. When MiCEM™ is used, bonding and conditioning of the tooth structure are not necessary. Unlike other cementation materials, MiCEM™ is characterized by high stability in combination with good flowability under pressure (structural viscosity). The mixing ratio, based on volume, is 1 part base paste :1 part catalyst.


  • Final cementing of all-ceramic, composite, or metal inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges; 2-3-unit Maryland bridges and 3-unit inlay/onlay bridges (excluded for patients with bruxism or periodontitis)
  • Final cementing of posts and screws
  • Final cementation of all-ceramic, composite, or metal restorations on implant abutments
  • Indications such as Maryland and inlay/onlay bridges (resin bonded bridges) demand especially high adhesive bond strength. Regardless of the manufacturer of the cement and restoration, these indications may be exposed to a higher risk of decementation.To achieve an optimal result when using MiCEM™ manualmix, please refer to the sections Preparation of tooth and Pre-treatment of Maryland and Inlay/Onlay Bridges.

Product Benefits:

  • Time saving – no additional bond, prime or etch steps needed
  • Ease to use – gel-phase cleanup, no refrigeration, no hand-mixing or trituration require
  • High bond strength without an adhesive, especially to ceramic (35MPa) and zirconia (25MPa)
  • High flexible strength and low water solubility for long term success
  • Low 5–10 micron film thickness – cuts down on adjustment time
  • Compatibility with common materials – ceramic and zirconia, CAD/CAM materials, PFMs and metal restorations
  • Efficient self-cure mode – sets up completely without any light
  • Radiopaque for excellent identification under x-ray


MiCEM™ Automix Kit contents

  • 2 x Automix Cartridge, 11g
  • 20 x Tapered Mixing Tips
  • 5 x Intra-Oral Mixing Tips
  • Instruction Manual


Base & Catalyst based two component system

  • Base: Polyacrylic Acid, Fillers & Initiator
  • Catalyst: Alumino fluoro silicate glass, Dimethacrylate

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