PerioSet #3 med Autoklaverbar Kassett, Titannitridbelagda Skärpa-Free Steel Alloy Instrument


PerioSet #3 med Autoklaverbar Kassett, Titannitridbelagda Skärpa-Free Steel Alloy Instrument

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 PerioSet #3 (PDL2140PC)  

  • 1 x Autoclavable Cassette (suitable for holding up to 10 instruments)
  • 1 x #PDL2086PC - Gracey Access 11-12 Curette +3 Mini 5
  • 1 x #PDL2087PC - Gracey Access 13-14 Curette +3 Mini 5
  • 1 x #PDL2097PC - Barnhart 5-6 Universal Curette
  • 1 x #PDL2105PC - Langer 1-2 Universal Curette
  • 1 x #PDL2106PC - Langer 3-4 Universal Curette
  • 1 x #PDL2107PC - Langer 5-6 Universal Curette
  • 1 x #PDL2108PC - Hygienist Scaler H6-H7
  • 1 x #PDL2109PC - Sickle Scaler 204S
  • 1 x #PDL2113PC - Posterior Scaler M23
  • 1 x #PDL2120PC - Nebraska N128 Anterior Sickle Scaler

 PerioColor Periodontal Hand Instruments

By applying innovative metallurgical technology and cryogenic heat treatment a superior stainless steel alloy was created for scalers and curettes that stays sharper longer than any other instrument. In addition to using superior American steel alloy we have used titanium nitride plasma surface treatment ( ionized physical vapor deposition ) for our instrument tips hence offering Sharpen-Free scalers & curettes.

Light weight broader handles and knurled grip offers less hand fatigue, and greater comfort throughout the day. Periocolor periodontal hand instruments also offer easy to identify color-coded rings throughout its range.

The long-lasting wear is present throughout the entire instrument tip. We guarantee it!


This combination of working ends is designed to complete an entire Buccal or Lingual Sextant without changing instruments; therefore increasing effciency.


  • For intended use by dental professionals
  • Inspect, clean and sterlise before each use
  • Recommended steam sterlisation for 5 minutes at 273°F / 134°C
  • Recommended steam sterilization for 20 minutes at 350°F / 177°C
  • Clean using an ultrasonic cleaner or thermodisinfector
  • For silicone resin handles do not use dry heat or rapid heat sterlisation techniques


  • Require no sharpening due to high carbon TiN steel alloy tips which stay sharper longer
  • Continuous corrosion resistant special imported American high carbon steel TiN alloy instrument tip
  • State of the art heat treatment for instrument tips which last longer
  • Long instrument life when compared to other brands on market


  • Sharpen-free instrument
  • Color coded silicone rings on every instrument for easy identification
  • Excellent tactile sensitivity due to light handle weight
  • Comfortable knurled non-slip grip 
  • Less strain due to light weight of the instrument
  • High metal wear resistance due to highest quality stainless steel imported from United States.
  • Extremely sharp cutting edges due to high carbon stainless steel

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